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Solvent Recovery & Equipment: Welcome

We offer a full line of new & refurbished large scale processing solutions.

We offer custom engineered solutions for processes not limited to plant material handling and milling, including:

  • Solvent Extraction (ethanol, isopropyl, heptane, hexane, pentane)

  • Solvent Recovery 

  • Decarboxylation 

  • Extract Winterization

  • Extract Distillation

  • Plant material solvent recovery and solvent distillation rectification

We can help implement the following equipment from one piece installation to full integration: 

  • Hammer and Roller Mills 

  • Material Handling Equipment 

  • Batch Solvent Extractors

  • Batch Centrifuge Extractors 

  • Continuous Solvent Extractors 

  • Centrifuge Systems (biomass and fines) 

  • Solvent Evaporators (falling film, rising film, forced circulation, batch type)

  • Filtration Systems (filter press, pressure leaf filters, nutsche filters) 

  • Reactors 

  • Process Vessels

  • Storage Tanks

  • Short Path and Wiped Film Evaporators

  • Cryogenic Systems

Solvent Recovery & Equipment: Text
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